Get excited to sell what you do

Brand story development for small business and coaches to market and sell their services

Claim your niche

Find your words

Grow your business

You want to serve.

But first you have to sell.

You cringe at the thought of selling.

There are so many of you out there.

And you don’t know where to begin.

Start with your brand story. ​

This is how to connect with the people you want to serve. Find

  • your niche

where you can thrive

  • your ideal client

for whom you can solve a real problem

  • your core message

and how to spread it across your website, pitch, networks and social media

  • the actual words that sell what you do.
  • your excitement, clarity and confidence.

Three steps to successful marketing

& sales of your business:

Step 1

Book a 30-minutes

meeting with me.

Step 2

Meet me.

Let’s get to know each other.

Tell me about your business.

Step 3

We make a plan

and get started.

Between a calling &

selling lies a gap.

This gap feels like a chasm sometimes. It’s in your way of living your passion. But your passion matters. That is why there is a market for it. The key is to craft your personal brand story. It will give you the clear message you need. It connects you with the people who need what only you can offer. My name is Claudia Brandt.

This is what I bring as your guide:

  • a 30 year history as a marketing language geek,
  • working with 100s of successful professionals, 
  • a proven track record for developing brand stories that work,
  • 1000s of hours coaching experience to partner with you in capturing your personal magic for your product, service or business.

What is a brand story?​

Why would it make a difference?

A brand story tells of the work that you do as a story with a hero,

a problem and a guide.

It follows a framework that uses ancient storytelling principles to help you clarify your message.

These same principles secure instant understanding and appeal with your listener. Instead of marketing you tell your story - in lots of easy but capturing variations.

Instead of selling, you speak from your heart, with authenticity and clarity. You will reach the people that need your services.


What Others Say

What Claudia does really well is to tip people over … into actually putting words to … our message, in a way that engages with hearts and minds authentically.

Mish Middelman

Coaching Enterprising People


What Others Say

Thank you, Claudia! … You managed to keep it practical, punchy, fun and very unintimidating ... I left with immediate results!

Emma Rose

Digital Marketing Consultant


What Others Say

Claudia is gifted in helping people to grasp what they are good at, what of that is relevant to their market and how to phrase their offering in simple, very catchy phrases. Working with her does not just give you the words and the tools but the confidence to sell your coaching.

Kathy English Brower

Director of Peas in a Pod, executive business coach & consultant


What People Say

At the end of Claudia’s process, I felt excited at being able to present myself and my work. I found MY niche. I am confident in and ready to take my coaching out into the world.

Charlotte Haggie

Clarity Coach


What Others Say

Claudia is brilliant! After a few hours with her I was able to finally break free from a place of stagnation and move forward with a clear, impactful message and framework for a brand story. It is so critical to me and my business!

Pearl Hitzeroth

Strategy and Accountability Partner


What Others Say

I’m so excited to work with Claudia. I actually do know now what I want to offer and how I am going to present myself.

Vanja Lakerveld

Owner of My Branding Company

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